Gravity Sidecar Racing in 2010

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 Gravity Sidecar - a lot like this, only quicker...

Scottish Carties have been working on a specification for a new class of racer for 2010 - the Gravity Sidecar!

There is already considerable interest from several teams in building one, and several events expressing an interest in running gravity sidecars either as a demonstration or as a class in its own right.

The current SCA specifications can be downloaded from here.

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Building a good sidecar unit

Building a good sidecar unit is probably about the same price as building a cartie and could possibly be achieved for next to nothing if scrap bike parts were used.

However if the cost of good body protective is added in the cost esculates!Frown

Can those that know, give some guidence to those that don't, to save us from buying gear that will pass scrutiny but could have been a lot better for the same money?

As an example :- A Nitro NLS20 One Piece Motorcycle Leather Suit at £99.99

Leather gloves - £17 and boots Spada Slipstream £60

That works out at about £190 after postage.Frown However if after that expenditure the skin on my bum, hands and other extremeties are safe then it would be money well spent. Cool



peasnbarley | December 3, 2009 - 16:26

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