SCA Championship 2010

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SCA ChampionshipScottish Carties will be organising an annual championship competition in 2010 to run across the main soapbox events in Scotland. The objective is to add fun and excitement for the growing number of gravity racers who travel across the country. Registered teams will be awarded points for their position in the participating events, and the team with the greatest number of points after the last event will be crowned as the SCA Champion.

Participating events already confirmed are;

The full rules and regs are available on our downloads page. Check back soon for registration details.

We are also looking for more events to add to the calendar, or potential venues where we could race. If you know of an event that would be interested in hosting an SCA Championship round or a hill that is crying out for a cartie race, please do get in touch.

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Great idea, lets hope as

Great idea, lets hope as many teams as possible can participate - 3 different courses it should be open and anybodies for the taking.

One question, is it a Team or a cartie championship. i.e. same team can use different carts or the same cart (with mods) has to compete to be eligible??

Hope I have made my self clear


azuma | December 5, 2009 - 21:16
scottishcarties's picture

A good question

Good question, and not an easy one to answer. After a great deal of thought, we've decided to base the championship on individual machines. If you want to run more than one vehicle, you need to register both of them and they effectively compete as separate entities even though the people buidling and driving them may well be the same.

We're just trying to keep it as simple as possible for now and we'll see how it works out. Maybe we'll revise the rules in the future, but basically the idea is that you run a single machine during the year, although obviously you can make repairs if you bend it and modify it to a certain extent.

I've just posted the rules for the championship on our downloads page. I expect the registration forms will be available early next year.

scottishcarties | December 6, 2009 - 21:34

Please correct me if I am

Please correct me if I am wrong but I understood that Teams could only have one entry place into Cairngorm Extreme? Has this changed as a result of sidecars now being included? Or do you mean that if you want to run two carties each needs to be registered separately under different team heading? What is the score with a team wishing to run a cart and a sidecar at Cairngorm, or any other venue for that matter.?
peasnbarley | December 6, 2009 - 23:41
scottishcarties's picture

And I though I was keeping

And I though I was keeping things simple...Yell

If a team enters registers more than one vehicle in the SCA champs, then each vehicle competes as a separate entity and cannot transfer points between their different vehicles. Essentially, the championship is for individual vehicles, although most teams will have only one cartie anyway. In the event that a team enters more than one vehicle, they'll be most likely be indentified uniquely by the team and cartie name. E.g. Team Weasel/Flying Ferret & Team Weasel/Greased Weasel.

How the teams manage their multiple vehicles is up to them - if they want to have a dedicated driver for each they can, but equally they are free to swap drivers as many times as they like.


  • You can't run different carties at different events and then add the points together.
  • You can't run two machines at an event and then add the points together.
  • You can't run two machines at an event and choose which one you use for your team points.
  • You can't swap your vehicle for a new one mid-season.
  • You can register and run a new vehicle mid-season, but you can't transfer points from your old vehicle. You start from zero on the new one.
  • If you buy/borrow/rent/steal a vehicle from another team, you can't keep the points that vehicle earned when being run by the other team. You start from zero.


Does that cover all the permutations?

As for Cairngorm - there is no reason why a team can't enter more than one vehicle, although because there is no way back to the start line while runs are in progress, you'll need a driver for each vehicle (and a passenger too for any sidehacks).

scottishcarties | December 7, 2009 - 08:43

SCA wrote :- Does that cover

SCA wrote :- Does that cover all permutations?

Certainly from my perspective everything is now crystal clear. Sealed  Laughing

peasnbarley | December 7, 2009 - 22:22
scottishcarties's picture

Cairngorm teams and carties

I was reviewing the 2009 Cairngorm Safety Plan last night and found a paragraph in it saying that teams could only run one cartie. Perhaps that is what you were remembering? I must admit I'd forgotten about that bit. The Safety Plan will, of course, be revised before next year's event, and that section will be reworded so teams can run more than one vehicle, although they will still have to compete as separate entities. The previous proviso about drivers will stand though - you'll need at least as many drivers as you have carties, and passengers for all sidehacks too.
scottishcarties | December 8, 2009 - 09:40

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