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Old School Cool

Contributed by Ian Holloway

Exciting news for the growing band of retro-cartie enthusiasts seeking to build an iconic "soap box racer" using pram wheels, a plank of wood and questionable rope steering.

No longer do we need to bemoan the difficulty in sourcing wheels from the increasingly hard to find Silver Cross coach built pram, or spend precious hours scanning search engines and advertisements in corner shop windows.  The parts are readily available and brand new!

First, a few words about the components.  Those of us old enough and fortunate enough to have experienced "Silver Cross" as our first wheeled transport will remember the superb comfort, ride quality and handling of prams such as the Kensington, Durham Rose, Marlborough and Balmoral.  Some of us may remember our first gravity downhill experience and will recall the strength of the monocoque "tub" and the excellent restraining cabability of the Silver Cross full harness pram belts. A few years later most of the pram was discarded when we constructed our first cartie using only the axles and wheels with bearings lubricated with pure butter or synthetic "Stork".

Now to the present day source of the very best components.  Heritage Pram Restorers is an affiliate of Silver Cross concerned with the manufacture of the coach built perambulators.  They also offer a resoration service so that potentially all Silver Cross coach built prams from the 1960's to the present day can be returned to their former glory.  Their unique partnership with Silver Cross gives them exclusive selling rights for SPARE PARTS and they offer a quality service second to none.  Check out their website:- to see, for example, three wheel diameters inluding wheels with quick release features so that a retro-cartie will "flat pack" into a small car.

So, don't be shy - give it a try, and I look forward to seeing you on the hill with your very own classic Silver Cross retro-cartie.

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