New Rules for Belchford 2009

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A pie
A pie. Belchford drivers can now eat loads of these.

The organisers of the Belchford Downhill Challenge have published new rules for 2009. The rules have been made less restrictive in order to make it easier to build a distinctive soapbox cart while still ensuring that all the entries are still safe to run. The size restrictions have been relaxed, and the weight restriction has been changed from "175Kg including the driver" to "100Kg without the driver", meaning that gravitationally challenged drivers can now take part.

The requirement for roll bars and harnesses has been altered as well. You now only need to have them if you are enclosed within your soapbox racer. If your machine is open, however, you can chose whether to fit them or not.

Entries for the 2009 Belchford Downhill Challenge will be available to new teams from 6th January. Teams that took part in 2008 will receive their entry forms in mid December. For full details and a copy of the new rules, visit the Belchford Downhill Challenge web page.