Cartie for sale

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I ve put this in general chat because I ll also be looking for some advice.

This is what I m thinking. Blackdog has done alright in its first full season  (5th at Cairngorm)  and  I ve learned a lot about cartie building, but I want to do better ! Now I havent got the space to build a new cart while I keep the old one so..... Im thinking of selling this one ,building a gravity bike this autumn to race next year while building a world beater cart to race the season after.

I thought abou £400 would be a reasonable price ,with all the racing harness, seat bearings and all the other gubbins. If anyones interested let me know and I ll fill you in on all the detils of the  build etc......its ready to race. I ll be racing at Dalb,y so if you turned up with cash and I dont do a Rookit you could drive off with it. Mind if it doesnt sell its no hardship , Ill just tweak it and race it next year.

All advice on building a gravity bike gratefully recieved.

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