Hawklands Hill Run - SCA Champs Round #2

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The second round of the SCA Championship is this Sunday at the Hawklands Hill Run near Glasgow.

This race is slightly different to the normal timed races, with the winner being the one who travels furthest down the course.  The course includes several features to test the skill and courage of the competitors and the handling of their vehicle.

The event is an open, but limited, series of competitions for non powered bogies, carties and sidecars to compete down a closed public roadway over a course of approximately 800m, and King of the Hill pushbike hill climb with various other activities including can shy, hoopla and treasure hunt, refreshments, etc.

Although the race is this Sunday there are still places available. Please contact the organisers directly if you would like to race.

For further details see http://www.mca.hawksland-lanark.co.uk/?q=Hillrun or Stuart Sommerville email; ssommerville@iberdrola.com or by telephone; 01555 894479 or 07809704137
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