Two Days = Too Much?

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Back in 2009, the SCA ran the first two day soapbox cartie race in the UK at Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme. This was to make the event more attractive to teams travelling a long way and maximise the amount of racing we could get, since access to the mountain was limited. Since then, the Dalby Forest Soapbox Derby has been the only other event to have been successfully run over two days.

Cairngorm and Dalby both finished in 2012. Two more two day races were planned for 2013; Annandale and Drumlanrig, but they were both cancelled. The main reason stated for Annandale's cancellation was insufficient entries, and although entry numbers were not a factor in the cancellation of Drumlanrig it had only had about a dozen entries when the plug was pulled. Meanwhile, one day races such as Richards Castle and Worlaby continue to attract a large numbers of entries despite both being run on the same day.

So are two day races the way forward, or do people prefer one day events? We've created a short survey to see what type of soapbox race people prefer. If you have a couple of minutes spare we'd appreciate it if you could complete it and let us know what type of races you would like to see being organised.

To take the survey, please click here.