Cartie for sale

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I have just listed a gravity racer on ebay. Gravity Racer, Soapbox Racer 18mm plywood chassis. 20" BMX wheels with 14mm axles. (New when built) Foot operated caliper brakes operating on rear wheels. Seat is very solid with inner steel frame. (salvaged from an oil rig escape pod) Steering is precise, using rose joints everywhere. It self-centers nicely. The flat chassis was designed to take a body easily so you can add whatever style you want. The width, length, weight etc meet the rules commonly used at gravity race and soapbox events. The reserve price represents the rough cost of the components. I'm building my next one so if it does not sell, I'll just strip it for bits. It seems a shame to strip it because it works so well! I'd rather sell it at cost so someone else can enjoy it. If you are building a kart check the price of buying just four BMX wheels with 14mm axles, tyres, tubes and rim tape. On top of that you'll need all the other bits and of course a good workshop and lot of time! Do contact me if you want more details. This is the 'twin' of a kart sold a couple of weeks ago. It is usually transported on a car roof. So if you are not too precious about your car you won't need a trailer or van to take it away. Adrian
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