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Welton Soapbox Derby, Northamptonshire

Saturday 15th July 2017
Saturday 15th July 2017

 Welton Soapbox Derby

Feel The Need, The Need for Speed!!!

It's all about Gravity & Sheer Courage!!! 32mph : 1/2km Race Track!!!

The 4th Annual Welton Soapbox Derby will deliver a SPECTACULAR array of amateur drivers racing their homemade 'Soapbox Vehicles'! Each hand-made 'DREAM-MACHINE' is fuelled by nothing but GRAVITY and SHEER COURAGE!!!

This FREE to spectate unique non-motorised racing event challenges you to work as a team to design and build a traditional or outrageous soapbox dream machine, and compete against the clock in a downhill RACE!!

For further details and entry forms, see

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Hanley Park Soapbox Derby, Stoke on Trent

Sunday 9th October 2016
Sunday 9th October 2016
Hanley Park Soapbox
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VW Camper&Bus Show Gravity Race, Herefordshire

Saturday 30th July 2016
Sunday 31st July 2016

 VW Camper&Bus Show Gravity Race

After the success of the second soap box derby last year, the third VW Camper&Bus Show Gravity Race takes place on Soap Box Hill at Eastnor Castle, Ledbury, Herefordshire over the weekend of the 30-31 July 2016.

Entry is free to all  those taking part. The derby is part of the camper and bus show a celebration of the classic VW Camper Van. £150.00 first prize.  Enter by emailing

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8 Characteristics of the Best Soapbox Racers

C12 - The UK's Fastest Soapbox RacerThere are no big secrets in soapbox racing. The very fastest racers all pay attention to the same basic principles; make it safe, make it sleek, make it steer and make it stop.

Although at first glance there are a bewildering array of different designs at any race, when you look more closely at the ones taking home the silverware you will spot several common features...

Help Adam with his GCSE Project

Take the Survey Adam is a Product Design student and is currently preparing for the GCSE next year by designing a product. Although most of the class are basing their designs on simpler things, he has decided to go for something a bit more interesting.

Having always been fascinated with soapboxes (gravity racers) he has decided to build a soapbox, and needs to get some background information.

He is currently researching the main demographics of people of build and race gravity racers (age, gender etc) and needs to gather some data, so he has created a short survey. It only takes a few seconds to complete, so please take a moment to help Adam with his project.