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Help Adam with his GCSE Project

Take the Survey Adam is a Product Design student and is currently preparing for the GCSE next year by designing a product. Although most of the class are basing their designs on simpler things, he has decided to go for something a bit more interesting.

Having always been fascinated with soapboxes (gravity racers) he has decided to build a soapbox, and needs to get some background information.

He is currently researching the main demographics of people of build and race gravity racers (age, gender etc) and needs to gather some data, so he has created a short survey. It only takes a few seconds to complete, so please take a moment to help Adam with his project.

Soapbox Brake Force and Gradients

Soapbox BrakesThe vast majority of soapbox rules contain a requirement that all carties have effective brakes, and many specify a minimum force that they must be able to hold. This is commonly 50 KgF. The wording is typically "The brakes must be capable of holding the vehicle on a dry horizontal road surface, when laden with driver and any ballast, against a horizontal load of 50KgF exerted on the front towing eye.".

This has been adequate for most of the races up until now, but with racers and race organisers now increasingly looking for steeper, twistier and more challenging courses, the "50Kg static brake test" needs to be reviewed.

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Brechin "Halloween in the City" Cartie Race

Saturday 29th October 2016
Saturday 29th October 2016


Brechin Soapbox Cartie Race


Scotland's biggest gravity race returns for another day of Hallowee themed fun.

Full details at

Entry forms at



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How Many UK Gravity Races Will You Be Entering This Year?

14% (1 vote)
43% (3 votes)
14% (1 vote)
14% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
5 or more
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7

Is "Thrills and Spills" Harming Gravity Racing?

Safe. Simple. Fast. Choose Two.

"Thrills and spills" always pulls in the crowds, but is this really in the best interests of soapbox racing? Red Bull Soapbox has raised the profile of cartie racing, but at what cost? Has it given an expectation of spectacular crashes that is not sustainable in the long term from a health and safety point of view? Given the difficulty events are now having in getting insurance cover, perhaps we should move away from designing courses with obstacles that make them more dangerous?

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