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Penn House Gravity Grand Prix, Buckinghamshire

Saturday 27th June 2015
Saturday 27th June 2015

The third Penn House Grand Prix returns this year on a slightly later date of June 27th. The meeting is aimed at enthusiasts who really want a fair and challenging competition. Weight limits in the 'formula' classes are strictly enforced and there is also an 'open' class that allows anything safe to have a run. The technical standard was very high in 2014 and looks to be the same or better in 2015. Gravity bikes are very welcome. Email for information.


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Entries Open for Brechin's Halloween Cartie Race


Brechin Halloween Cartie Race


Entries are now open for the 2014 Brechin Halloween Cartie Race. This is your only chance for real city street racing in front of thousands of spectators. 

The event has been running since 2011 and now regularly attracts a large field of entries from across the UK. The extended 900m course proved popular last year and will be retained, along with the exciting corner which saw several carties inspecting the bales in the treacherous damp conditions.

The race is on Sunday 18th October, but the closing date for entries is 27th of September.

Entry forms and rules can be downloaded from here.

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VW Camper & Bus Show Soapbox Race, Herefordshire

Saturday 9th August 2014
Sunday 10th August 2014

Camper Van Soapbox

As part of the VW Camper&Bus Show. Camper&Bus Magazine are holding a Soapbox Race on Ridgeway Hill in the grounds of Eastnor Castle, Ledbury, Herefordshire. HR8 1RL.

Free entry, free camping, lots of trophies. Call 0208 726 8342, e mail or check out the web site

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SCA Gravity Sidecar Rules Revised

The SCA Gravity Sidecar rules have had a minor update to make it easier for people to get involved and build competitive machines. The maximum length and width restrictions have been relaxed to allow the use of stock F1 and F2 racing sidecar fairings, which are often available for a very reasonable price on online auction sites. The requirement for independent brakes acting on two or more wheels has also been relaxed slighty - two brake systems are still required, but they can both work on the same wheel.


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Scottish Cartie Association Championship

Register Online Now

Reckon you're quick? Taking part in more than one event in Scotland this year? Why not register for the SCA Championship and find out how good you really are! 

The SCA Championship is a competition run across the main soap box events in Scotland with the aim of encouraging participation in the various events and to create friendly rivalry between teams.

Teams can register for free and are awarded points for their final position in the participating events, and the team with the greatest number of points after the last event will be crowned as the SCA Champion. There are separate classes for Soapbox Cartie and Gravity Sidecar.

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