Soapbox Race Rules & Regulations

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The rules you adopt will go a long way to setting the tone of your event and the type of carties that enter, so before you consider he rules you want to use it's worth spending time thinking about what you are trying to achieve with your event. If you want a fun event that has maximum community involvement, you will probably prefer to have minimal restrictions on the design of the carties and should focus on basic minimal safety requirements as appropriate for the speeds you expect on the day and the nature of the course rahter than getting bogged down with the technicalities of dimensions, roll bars, etc. However, if your race is aimed at serious gravity racers then more stringent standards would be required. 

Standards There are two distinct areas to consider - competition rules and construction rules. Fortunately, there are a lot of rules about already, so you can pick and choose the best ideas to get a set that is right for you. Although there are several sets of rules available that purport to be a "national standard" for cartie construction, there are in fact no accepted standard rules. The variety of different event types make it very difficult to draft a "one size fits all" set of rules since what is appropriate for a 60mph race down a mountain would be ridiculously over the top for a 25mph trundle through a village.

Now that increasing numbers of teams are travelling to take part in soapbox races all around the country, there is a natural convergence of all the different sets of local rules as event organisers pick the best bits from each others rules and incorporate them into their own rules to suit their requirements. For instance, many local community events will want to encourage participation by keeping the technical requirements as achievable as possible. There is a brief overview of some of the rules here.

The rule sets shown below are similar in many respects and are appropriate for gravity race type of events with relatively high speed carties. 

Further Reading:

Rules Overview
A summary of the rules in use at various events.  The "Universal Cartie" is a set of dimensions for a cartie that can run at any event. The "Universal Event" dimensions would allow carties from all events to take part.
Scottish Cartie Association Soapbox Cartie Specification
The most complete set of technical specifications in existance. These rules were developed over 4 years of running Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme and are appropriate for racing at the very highest standard. They include two different classes; high tech' "Streamliner" and entry level "Roadster" class racers.
Catterline Rules
Less restrictive than many. Also used as the basis for the Border Bogie rules. Ideal for fun/novelty events.


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