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UK Soapbox Race Calendar 2018Scroll down for a list of all the upcoming soapbox races in the UK. Please note that, unless otherwise noted, these events are not organised by the SCA. If you have any questions about them, please contact the organisers directly.

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Please note: The Scottish Cartie Association does not support the inclusion of jumps on gravity race courses because of the clear hazard they present. Events which feature such elements will not be included in the calendar.

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Saturday September 29, 2018

East Allington Whacky Races will return on Saturday 29th September 2018 with an action-packed schedule of family fun. For one day only, the main route through this usually quiet village will be closed to normal traffic and transformed into a downhill race track with daredevil kart drivers competing for the coveted Luscombe Trophy.

See  for details. 

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