Steering wheel vs handlebar

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Based on the shape of our Red Bull Soapbox design, we are in a regular side by side car upright seated position.

The ovious choice would be to go for a steering wheel and foot brakes. 


MTB Handlebar with brake leavers. This would feel a little un-natural based on the seating upright? also unsure exactly how you would mount a handle bar on a steering shaft coming at us at a 45 degree angle?

Is there a way to maybe combine the two eg sterring wheel with brake leavers mounted on to it? How does that feel if anyone has used this setup before?  Any examples/ pictures?

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butterfly steering wheel

Have a look for butterfly steering wheels designed for drift carts etc. They have two lugs on them where you can mount your brake levers.

However, foot operated brakes may well be better as you can get more force into them.

scottishcarties | May 2, 2013 - 11:02

We have built the steering

We have built the steering wheels for our cart using a piece of 3mm flat plate, two lengths of re-bar and a bike handle bar. We have now reverted to a foot pedal especially with 4 wheel braking as it is the best way to apply the forces required.

I have included links to a couple of photographs, which will give you an idea. We also use a quick release for the steering wheel as well. 

azuma | May 2, 2013 - 20:43

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